Utah SWAT team shoot and kill unarmed man during 2010 drug raid,



A police video of a September drug raid in Utah provides graphic evidence of the sometimes dire consequences of SWAT-style drug law enforcement. In the video released by the Salt Lake Tribune, a member of the Weber-Morgan Narcotics Strike Force repeatedly shoots and kills resident Todd Blair as Blair steps into a hallway holding a golf club like a baseball bat.

According to a Tribune article in December, Blair, while a methamphetamine user and familiar to police, was not the target of the raid and was not supposed to be in the house. In fact, police had earlier seen a man they thought was Blair leaving the house and pulled him over so he wouldn’t be present during the raid. But the man was not Blair and was released, at which point police began to prepare a “dynamic entry” or no-knock raid.

Police had received a warrant for a no-knock warrant after claiming in their affidavit that the house had “lookouts” who would warn of their arrival and that their suspect — not Blair — might attempt to destroy the evidence. The affidavit did not mention that their suspect had already moved out of the house.

Because they had expected to raid an empty residence, the police SWAT team had not prepared a “dynamic entry” plan. Instead of falling back and creating one in the standard procedure, they retreated to a nearby retirement home and improvised one. They had also forgotten to bring along a copy of their search warrant — not a legal failing in a no-knock raid, but another indication of a drug squad fraying at the edges.

The video show police yelling, “Police! Search warrant!” and breaking down the door in a matter of seconds. Ogden police Sgt. Troy Burnett was the first officer through the door when Blair, shirtless, stepped into a hallway brandishing the golf club. He was eight to ten feet away and not advancing when Burnett, without uttering a warning, shoots him three times in the head and chest. As he collapses, Burnett yells “Get on the ground!”

Utah authorities determined the shooting was justified, be aware that a Utah warrant would have been required in this instance.


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  1. No knock raids should NOT be used for consensual non-violent crimes and deaths are mounting on both sides of the fence.  Recently, a police officer was killed in Texas during such a raid (for suspected pot growing and weapons that were found to be legal.. big whoopty doo) and fortunately, the charges against the man who shot him were dropped.  I'm not 'anti-cop' and respect the position but I'm getting really tired of this bull crap retarded, anti constitutional mentality that seems to be increasingly pervading our police forces in general.  Above that? I hold the idiot judges that stamp off on this folly to a higher degree of accountability.  Wake up folks.

  2. That cop is a trigger happy armature loser! This is why we need calm, collected, professionals in our police departments. That man was murdered in cold blood and that cop should not have a job anymore.

  3. that was wrong the office it was in no danger now his family should come and kill that office this is a time to kill

  4. Utah is a great place to avoid when driving or on vacation. Find some other place to visit. The state of Utah  along with Florida is full of half-crazed cops. 
    Oregon and Washington state have trained cops to show respect to the citizens. 
    The back water sewers of Utah ( half the residents are cult members)  and Florida ( trailer trash meth head capital of the world )  employ cops  who ignore the law and rights of citizens.  

  5. Why does the cop say "get on the ground" AFTER they shoot and kill him???

    It would be comical if it wasn't so horrifying.

  6. How come a cop can shoot you without being attacked but if you shoot at armed intruders in your home who are firing at you it was premeditated murder of a peacekeeper?

    Pigs can't be held responsible, they're animals, atleast that is how the court sees it when they do anything wrong.
    You shoot back and you're a cop killer waiting your entire life for this opportunity to apply your malicious plot to kill the officer and leave his children without a father.


  7. they literally barge into this person's house and shoot him on site. lmao the US police force is a joke

  8. i guarantee none of you pussies could raid a house shit is nerve racking putting your life on the line everytime

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