Consider price in criminal defense attorneys and DUI lawyers in West Palm Beach,

Are you looking for affordable defense lawyers in Palm Beach County, Florida? Looking For that cheap DUI defense Lawyer? Maybe you got charged with battery and searching for that domestic violence defense lawyer that will give you a killer price? Check out the video. Do you know costs average about 00 dollars on the average criminal case in South Florida? You have subpoena or process server fees, witness fees, transcript fees, cost of attendance for court reporter, cost of video, cost of cad reports, etc. To do things the correct way you need to spend some money. It is your life, your freedom, your criminal records so how important is finding criminal defense attorneys or lawyers in Palm Beach that will give you the best price? What is the value of your freedom? Once you are a convicted felon in florida what do you think your rate of pay is for your job? do you think employers that hire you may nickel and dime you because of your criminal record? Consider these things. Consider the low ball price and the bait and switch that may occur. Make sure you have a written retainer stating exactly what your Criminal attorney will do. Nobody can guarantee future results but it is important to do a certain level of work on your case. No work may mean little negotiation with the state prosecutor. Think about it! We are not the cheapest criminal defense lawyers in West palm Beach but we will work hard, work efficiently, and will passionately represent you. We Don’t Judge-We Defend! (561)746-7076

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