Thailand Visa for Australian Citizen

Foreigners travel to Thailand on different purposes. There could be seekers of exotics, heritage enthusiasts, culture wonderers, scenic explorers, photographers, lovers, nature aficionados, business, retirement, and leisure destination. While tourism continuously growing in Thailand, visas are highly required for most foreign nationalities who wish to travel and stay in Thailand depending on their purpose. With these in mind, Siam Legal caters you the following Thailand visa services for fast and high success of visa approval:



Australians can apply for a Thai Marriage Visa if married to a Thai. This will allow them to stay for an initial of 3 months in Thailand and can be extended to 1 year if they still need more time to stay in the country.



If you’re thinking of retiring in Thailand, applying for a retirement visa in Thailand would be the first step to take. Australian citizens can apply for a Thai Retirement Visa if they are already 50 years old or above and have the financial capabilities to retire.



If you are applying for a job or planning to start a business, then you need to acquire a Business Visa in Thailand. Obtaining a Non “B” Visa normally requires an invitation from a Thai company so that a Non “B” visa may be issued to you for the purposes of obtaining a Thai work permit.



This type of visa allows you to stay and travel in and outside of the country all year. However, the holders of this type of visa are required to exit Thailand every 3 months either by air, sea or land travel and re-enter Thailand to avail the stamp.



This visa allows you to stay in Thailand for a maximum of 90 days whether it will be for business, investment, retirement, study, and other purposes. This visa can also be extend for 7 days and obtain the extension of stay.