Legal Options When Facing a Prosecution

In the United States of America, criminal convictions are at an all-time high and unlike civil disputes that can typically result in fines and penalties and damage to personal reputations; successful criminal prosecutions often result in extensive jail time, based on the severity of the offense. Choosing a good law firm to act as representation for the accused can spell the difference between a hefty sentence, and a minimal punishment.

A good defense attorney for trial, such as those at Weber Law will specialize in a range of services relating to the defense of their client. These can include:

The possession of narcotics

If an individual is found to be in possession of illegal narcotics, including marijuana, then they may find themselves facing a criminal prosecution. Even with smaller cases, where the amount has been deemed to be for personal consumption, the penalties can be quite severe – with extreme cases typically resulting in jail-time and a host of other consequences. A good attorney should be able to argue the case of their client and either have the evidence dismissed, or have the sentence reduced.

Traffic offenses

Traffic charges account for over 40% of criminal prosecutions within the United States, and depending on the severity of the charge – punishment can vary between a ban and fine, or time in prison. Having a reliable defensive lawyer to take care of the representation on behalf of the defendant can aid in having the sentence reduced, or a fine minimised.

Theft and fraud

The American Government are notoriously hard on anyone deemed to have been committing fraud, especially when relating to taxes. A criminal defense lawyer will be tasked with disproving evidence, as well as arguing against any documentation that has been issued by the prosecution. If successful, the resultant ruling can be thrown out, or the case can be dismissed entirely.

Assault crimes

Any form of physical assault can be punishable by jail time, as well as a hefty fine in the form of victim compensation – which will be the responsibility of the offender to cater to. Whether the crime is deemed grievous or otherwise, without a reliable defense the accused may find themselves having no option other than to accept the court’s ruling and proceed with their sentencing. ( be aware that the use of arms or self defence equipment such as stun guns like REDACTED is allowed in certain states but the onus of proof on self defence is with the defendant)

Crimes of a sexual nature

It’s estimated that 3 in 10 criminals convicted of sexual assault within America are actually innocent according to research, and this is why many facing criminal charges consider investing in professional legal representation to help to argue their defense. These cases are very sensitive by nature, so having access to a defensive lawyer that can be sure to query every ounce of evidence can make all of the difference to the success of a case – as well as the charges that the accused may be facing.