Mike Schmidt On Being A Criminal Defense Attorney,

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  1. 14:30 omg that's the first time i ever heard someone else that its unconstitutional to search someone's bodily fluids… isnt obvious why can you search the inside of my body but not the inside of my house??

  2. @ 2350 my father in law, a pediatrician, was an expert witness in many child abuse cases and i know for fact he was only trying to be honest and protect kids

  3. So let me get this straight … This jackass defended cops but just basically said the court system is a joke .. Well if that's true than cops are not to be defended because they knowingly work for a corrupt system !

  4. Why the fuck does this guy want to be a comedian? He sounds like he knows his law really well and successfully represents people. Society needs him to be a fucking lawyer.

  5. bullshit. fuck most criminal lawyers. they use the fact that you're in a shitty situation(whether deserved or not) to jack up the price. "well this guy is facing some time, i think I can make some money here" and if you're lower-middle class, you're fucked.

  6. It's really this simple, your supposed judges have no honor. If they say honorable judge presiding, make the judge prove he has honor for the court record and for burden of proof the judge will have to produce the evidence of Honor to the court and nothing but the fact. To prove he has honor. Since honor does not truly exists, since honor is only a belief in your head. I say you have no honor. Court dismissed. How? No honorable judge presiding.

  7. The bottom line is money and getting by for the majority of people. Its rare for anyone to try to be a hero and stand for whats right.

  8. Don't know this guy but as an IA major planning on going into law school in a year, he sounds like he would be an incredible law school professor!

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