Impaired Driver Crashes into Louisiana State Trooper,

Occurred: January 21, 2017 / Hammond, Louisiana, USA

Info from Licensor: “My sister and I were driving down to Baton Rouge as a birthday surprise for our dad. We witnessed the driver of a Dodge Ram pickup truck swerving in and out of the highway lanes. We called Police Dispatch immediately. The truck drove for minutes before hitting the median guard rail. Miles down the road we passed a highway on ramp and a Louisiana State Trooper positioned himself on the shoulder to stop the oncoming pickup truck. The driver of the truck moved from the left lane of the highway to the right shoulder and rammed the awaiting Louisiana State Trooper.” Allegedly, the driver was impaired by the use of heroin. Both the driver and Trooper sustained minor injuries in the crash. The driver was arrested and booked on numerous charges.”

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  1. Sad part is, this guy will somehow get his license back and drive again. Meanwhile cops are chastising people who are perfectly fine at 0.08% BAL.

  2. that old ass Nissan Sentra was so annoying. Either back away or speed past him when the (multiple) chance happened. instead he paced along the whole time & then waved as if the truck driver paid attention to anything.

  3. buck graywolfe, y don't you just shut your mouth, maybe there are people out there that don't like to hear these racial slurs… if you can't use proper terms then don't open your mouth… cuz one day your going to end up saying one of these slurs around the wrong person, and they are going knock the shit outta you…. I for one hate hearing that word nigga or nigger, it's not right and it's wrong you can hurt people's feelings or really make them mad by using those terms… so advice to you quit while your ahead…..

  4. Well, the Tahoe-mounted electro-magnet method of stopping criminals didn't work quite as expected.

  5. how clueless does that 911 operator sound? would it be easier for u if we brought the driver to u?

  6. WOW!! That's about the most usefull thing I've ever seen a Louisiana state trooper do like EVER!!! Most of the time their worried about chasing down people for going 10 over running late for work. Never a "useful public service". But you call in a suspected drunk driver, wreckless operation or just a complete bucket of shit with no license plate and scrap iron falling out the back on the interstate and their no where to be seen for miles and hours. But go over the speed limit and your (and bank account) prime target and public enemy #1. Less writing paperwork for a ticket than arresting someone that's ACTUALLY a public threat. Useless bastards…

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