Preparing for Your Contested Protective Order Hearing Lawyer presentation in Washington County, Oregon,

Preparing for Your Contested Protective Order Hearing in Washington County, Oregon

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  1. Too bad this is all a one sided sexist system. My ex was charged and convicted with assault/DV. Nothing happened, she got off, even though she was found guilty. Fast forward 2 years, I am going to leave her because I am tired of the abuse. So, she files a protection order because she knows she won't get custody. I lost everything, and am have not so much as even been charged with a crime. Protection order abuse is a huge problem breaking up families. I was even told as the respondent, I wasn't allowed to put any exhibits in, or even object to anything she put in. Thanks Com Lacke! I have guys in my DV class who weren't even in the state when it happened. Again, Com Lacke deemed they were unfit fathers. Seems like a pattern and I am yet to see a single order of protection get thrown out in his court. I have seen a couple hundred go through with almost zero evidence. Not saying people shouldn't be able to get an order, because abuse is a real thing. However, it is now a well known litigation strategy used by a lot of women to gain unquestioned custody. I would like to see more discretion used in protection orders where the opposing party has never been charged with an assault first. In my case, I have never been charged with a violent crime in my life. Ex just went out one day and got one, saying I was abusing her, without a scratch on her. You don't need any evidence to do this. Dealing with this has made me lose all faith in the court system. It is a joke what a woman can do to a guy with one of these without a single shred of evidence. They get upheld in a , "better safe than sorry" mentality.

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