DUI Defense Lawyer Strategies – Part 1,

A video of excerpts from California DUI attorney Lawrence Taylor’s keynote lecture at the North Carolina Trial Lawyer Academy to over 100 lawyers.
Part 1



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  1. I suppose that the role of the lawyer varies significantly across legal jurisdictions.

  2. Dealing in facts and not conjectures and emotions is a large part of being a DUI attorney in today's society. There are so many law changes and science discoveries that it's crucial to be current in any changes.

  3. I initially wanted to go into criminal prosecution, but more and more am I drawn to criminal defense, namely DUI and drug possession charges. I am getting my paralegal studies certificate from Fresno City College, in addition to 300 required internship hours, but I know for a fact that I am going full force into law. (maybe be an LDA on the side lol)

  4. Officers don't look at someone and determine if they're drunk so this is a weak argument. Typically poor driving behaviors observed and a traffic stop is conducted… Then the officer will look for clues such as the odor of alcohol, red shot watery eyes, fumbling with license, inability to listen to instruction. If they suspect the driver is intoxicated then they will ask the driver to submit to FST's, HGN, and/or a PBT. Based on those tests the officer will make a determination of the driver is impaired… Then the intox/blood will be taken at processing… So this Lawyers end argument doesn't really mean anything since no Officer looks a driver and pulls them over because they "look" drunk.

  5. What utter BS!!! I would like to here this defense against the drunk that killed his child or wife. Would it be the same? When it it is clear based on driving FSFT (if police are there) suspect eyes, and last lastly blood work.. It's well know LAW some choose to break. It's u. Defensible. These folks try to spin anything they can. It's crazy

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