Australian Family Visa

This visa is suitable to foreigners with family member settled in Australia. This visa permits Thai nationals to reside in Australia with their family as a permanent resident. To be eligible for this visa, an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen family member, must sponsor applicants.



All Thai nationals or foreigners holding a relevant residence status (A Non-Immigrant visa and work permit in Thailand) can lodge the application for this type of Australian visa.



    • Aged Dependent Relative Visa

This type of visa is issued to Thai applicants who are married or formally separated. Applicants must meet the age requirement to be entitled for old pension under the Social Security Act of 1991. Of course, they should be dependent of an Australian citizen, permanent resident in Australia or an eligible New Zealand citizen.

    • Remaining Relative Visa

This specific type of visa is issued to applicants who are children or siblings of an Australian citizen, foreigner with permanent residency or eligible New Zealand citizen and have no other immediate family member residing outside the country.

    • Career Visa

Career visa is for applicants who are close relatives of an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen, with a medical condition as with an assessment rating of 30 as issued by the Medibank Health Solutions or formerly known as Health Services Australia.


Application for Australian Family Visa should be lodge by sponsor (family member residing in Australia) with all the required documents and application fees. On the other hand, the applicants from Thailand should go to the VFS Bangkok in person to submit their application documents, which will be transferred to Australian Embassy for evaluation process. Normally, it will take 3-4 months for this process to be completed.

Applicants must:

  • Complete all the necessary forms and required documents
  • Pass the health clearance
  • Pass the character clearance

The Sponsor must provide:

  • Letter of support assurance, accommodation and financial.
  • Proof of financial support without resorting to public



  • Consultation with our experienced and expert immigration lawyers
  • Determining what type of visa is appropriate for the applicants
  • Thorough review of sponsor and applicant’s employment history
  • Comprehensive review of required documents both for applicants and sponsors including employment history.
  • Preparation of visa application and submitting it to the proper government agencies
  • Careful arrangement of all correspondence with government agencies
  • Expert advice and training on how to handle the consular interview
  • Unlimited assistance over the phone with our Australian visa specialists.

You can contact any of our Australian immigration attorneys in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Samui and Phuket to make the proper arrangement of your Australian Fiancé/Fiancée visa in Thailand.

Should we have an immigration system like Australia?,

Michael Gove promised again today to introduce an Australian-style points system to control immigration numbers if he becomes Prime Minister. But is Australia really the best place on which to model an immigration policy? Immigration has become a key issue in this weekend’s general election. And its treatment of asylum seekers arriving by boat has been heavily criticised – not least by the UN secretary general.
Those arriving by boat are sent to offshore detention facilities on the tiny republic of Nauru – nearly 2000 miles from Australia – and Manus, an island off the coast of Papua New Guinea.
On arrival they face indefinite detention with no hope of ever reaching Australia. Conditions have been described by doctors and lawyers as tantamount to torture.



  1. Australia has always been a racist country. However you can't blame Australia for not wanting these people.

  2. yea02Australia? If you wanna risk your Life and be treated like criminal you can come to Australia. Im here 7years and imigration dpt. Ruined my life right to the top. My whole family is here. I dont have home and family in any other country. But still they are canceling my applications. I never been against the law. Doesn't matter they still treat people worst than pigs. If you are Indian or Vietnamese maybe youll win. If you are refugee from Syria still got chances. But if you are looking for better life and wanna join your family? No way bbetter stay where you are or go to Canada. Im not joking, its humiliating. lucky country? Europe is 100x more advanced than Australia.

  3. It's a shame this video only focused on the issue of Australia's refugee immigration policy, and not at Australia's skilled migration policy (the points test) that people in Britain here about, and what to know more about, since we're leaving the EU

  4. Australia didn't ask you to come, that means you are not welcomed.. Please, remember that and make it clear..

  5. Look…The Australian government would rather these people NOT be in detention but it's not Australia's fault. These people chose to jump the queue and gain illegal entry into the country and claim asylum rather than doing it the right way and claiming asylum at the Australian diplomatic missions in their home nations. If we just let everyone in the people smugglers would have a field day and there would be scores of deaths at see similar to what is seen in the Mediterranean with asylum seekers wanting to enter the EU.

    The other point which the Channel 4 report doesn't touch on is the FACT that many of these people are not refugees at all. They are economic migrants who know that it would take more than two years for them to apply through official channels to get to Australia and so, once again, they attempt to jump the queue.

    Australia is no longer the "lucky country" as portrayed in this report (funny how the English like to film Sydney Harbour and the lovely beaches but leave out scenes of the depressed suburbs). Industrial jobs and blue collar jobs in general are shrinking rapidly and unemployment is rising alarmingly. Whole industries are shutting down here, in particular the car industry which will shed tens of thousands of jobs. So for Channel 4 to suggest that we take more people in is just stupid. We have to look after our own people first. Charity begins at home.

    The other most important consideration which is always overlooked in this argument is the ability of the environment in Australia to take in more people. We are already reaching the point where our rainfall storages and the like cannot keep up with the freshwater demand in the cities where most of the Australian population lives. We are converting more and more arable land into suburbs to house people and at the same time reducing our capacity to produce food. The infrastructure of some cities like Melbourne is already at bursting point. Melbourne is the capital city of the State of Victoria and is Australia's second largest city with the highest population growth. The state is having trouble building enough roads, providing more public transport and schools as it is without a rapid jump in population which the state can ill afford.

    So before the likes of Channel 4 through brickbats at Australia and its immigration policies they should have a good look at the state of the whole country before branding us all as racists and isolationists. We have a very successful multicultural society, more multicultural than the US or EU so to accuse us of being racist is just deplorable. BUT Australia is like a ship in the sea. If the number of passengers and crew is controlled the ship can cruise along just fine. But if you overcrowd the ship food and water start to run out….public order breaks down, the ship starts to break down and the crew cannot maintain control. I'll be damned if I want to see this happen to my beloved country and I think many Australians would agree with me. If the UN and the rest of the world don't like it, tough luck! Push too hard and a future Australian government might rescind it's signature to the UN Convention on refugees.

  6. these fanatics that will light themselves on fire….yeah just think about what they will do to others for their beleifs!!… these are the types of radicals that blow buildings up! YEAH LETS LET THEM ALL IN TO OUR COUNTRY!

  7. If they are refugees and they have already reached countries, like Malaysia and Indonesia, where they are no longer persecuted, why are they entitled to pick which country they want to go to next?

    Critics say Australia is failing its obligations under international refugee conventions but conveniently overlook the fact that, per capita, Australia already takes more refugees than anyone else. We take them from UNHCR camps in Somalia, Sudan, Burma, etc, where people can't afford the $5-$10K to pay smugglers to bring them to OZ.

  8. THEY ARE ANIMALS! THEY NEED TO GO HOME YOU UGLY MOTHER FUCKIN GEEK…QUIT WHINING AND GO HOME!!!, your breaking the law and you are not wanted there!

  9. Why not speak about the British Government sending thousands and thousands of people to Australia against their will for stealing a loaf of bread to feed their starving families. in the late 1700,s to mid 1800,s. chaining them up, flogging them and turning them into slaves for their own profit. Not to mention killing and stealing the land of the native people. .Then shall we start on the USA, what th British did to the natives there not to forget the convicts who were sent there. The British have a lot of misery to account for.

  10. Very one sided BS from the left leaning press. How about saying the truth that most are economic refugees looking to get on welfare.

  11. I support my governments descision to turn back the boats. If you want to come here do it legally simple dont come here and think you can take advantage of a beautiful country.

  12. As these "refugees" so well explain it themselves: if they knew that they will not be offered house, money etc. they would have stayed at home. So it is not a question of being safe from the war.

  13. I live in Malaysia and I support Australia closing their border. Really, I can see the impact in Malaysia, now we hv less of "these people" on our streets and universities- pretend to study. Iranian and Arabs use Malaysia as stepping stone before they get to Australia. If they are genuine refugees, how come they have money to travel? And able to support themselves and family for many years transit in Malaysia?

  14. Ultimately everybody is for themselves. Every nation s are for themselves. Ask China to take in refugees. China will laugh at you. If some homeless person knock on your door and say he is seeking a refugee in your house, would you accept him into your house? Hypothetically, let us assume you took in one homeless person into your home start taking care of him. Then, one day 4 of the homeless people showed up and said they are seeking refugees in your very big house, will you accept them too? If you did, how many more homeless will you accept in your house? I am saying taking in refugees require huge sacrifices and selflessness. And, there is no guarantee living together will work out.

  15. there is a process to enter Australia. Follow it or end up in detention. Why do you get to jump the queue? There are billions of people wanting a better life. We can't help them all. We'll help those who follow the proper channels. We need to protect our way of life. . Australia isn't racist, there is a system to enter. The government providing strong borders gives Australians faith in the refugees and asylum seekers that arrive.

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